split and merge pdf files

Know How to Split PDF File or Combine PDF Files

PDF (Portable Document Format) is one of the most used file formats which bind a fixed layout flat document that includes graphics, text and other information. You can convert graphics, forms, webpages and documents to PDF File. You can create PDF file by using Adobe Acrobat and can read any PDF file on Adobe Reader. Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader are two software platforms which can be used to create and read PDF files. PDF files are generally used for creating E-books, brochure of products, magazine articles, etc.

Salient Features of PDF Document

  • Compression of PDF Objects: Images and other objects in PDF can be easily compressed by applying different compression algorithms.
  • Safety: Password can be applied to restrict unauthorized access to your file. Digital signature is an electronic signature which is same as signing a document physically.
  • Reliability: By using PDF, you can easily exchange information. It is not compulsive that other people should have same software on which you have created.
  • Accessibility: The accessibility feature of PDF specification enables PDF files accessible to person with illness including blindness and low vision.
  • Opens on multi-platform: PDF file can be viewed on multi platforms such as Mac OS, Windows, mobile platforms (Android, iPad, iPhone).
  • Searchable: PDF provides text-search feature which make easy to search text and metadata, any word or phrase. Objects such as images and graphics cannot be searched.

All the above features of PDF document make it a reliable and commonly used file format for creating, exchanging and reading documents.

Password protection feature in Adobe secures PDF document. You can also apply “Protect and Unprotect” feature on your document. Here are the easy ways to protect and unprotect PDF File.

Sometime it is difficult to manage large PDF file or several PDF files. There is a need to merge or split those files. Large PDF file consumes long time when you have send it across the network. Similarly, if your single document is in several PDF files, you can merge PDF files to set as a single PDF file. You can easily merge and break PDF file by using full version of any Adobe Acrobat software, i.e. Acrobat X, XI or Pro. 

1. Steps to SPLIT a large PDF File

  • Open PDF file in Adobe Acrobat that you need to split.
  • Click on documents, and then click on split document or extract pages.
  • For e.g. if you want to split your document in to different files which has 5 pages/file. So, select 5 pages in Max. Pages entry.


  • For e.g. You want to extract some specified number of pages (suppose 10 to 14), then enter the page you want to extract, i.e. from 10 to 14. These 5 pages will be extracted.
  • Uncheck the check box delete pages after extracting, if ticked. 
  • Click on file tab, and then on save as to save the new file on any user desired location. 
  • Close the document. 

2. Steps to MERGE PDF Files

  • Open Adobe Acrobat.
  • Click on file tab, go to create PDF or combine.
  • Select Merge Files into a Single PDF.
  • Add the files which you want to merge. You can arrange them in any order.
  • All the files will be combined in a single PDF file and the you can save this file clicking on file tab, and the select Save as.
  • Save at any user desired location.
  • Close the document.

Both the above solutions are simple manual technique to split one PDF file into multiple files or to combine PDF files into one PDF file. But this cannot be done if you do not have full version of Adobe Acrobat software, in this case you need to use third-party tool that will make your work simpler.

A reliable and powerful Split and Merge tool is one of the apt software to manage, i.e. merge and split PDF file(s). I have used this tool and I found it very easy and simple to use. No technical knowledge is required for using this tool.


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