How to Repair a Corrupted Excel File?

repair excel fileMicrosoft Excel is one of the components of Microsoft Office Suite designed to store and manipulate data and records. Excel file is a spreadsheet in which all the data are stored in rows and columns. Spreadsheet is a grid of cells which include numbered rows and letter-named columns. It provides features like graphic tools, pivot tables and calculation. MS Excel for windows also supports programming with Visual Basic for Applications. VBA code can be generated using Macro Recorder. In MS Excel, group of cells can generate graphs, histograms, charts and many such other items. All the files of MS Excel up to MS Excel 2007 are in binary file format, i.e. .xls. The files of default Excel 2007 and all the later versions are in Excel Workbook format with the file extension of .xlsx.

MS Office components such as MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Access and MS Excel can use each other’s capabilities to communicate with each other. Microsoft’s Dynamic Data Exchange is a method to pass data between different applications which may be running on Windows. You can embed PowerPoint presentation in an Excel sheet.

Password Protection in MS Excel:

MS Excel provides several types of Password Protection for Excel documents:

  • Protection against unauthorized access
  • Protection against unwanted modification
  • Protection against opening workbook
  • Protection against unwanted sharing of workbook.

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The MS Excel file can get corrupted or damaged which doesn’t allow access/open the file. You may get error while opening your Excel document because of corruptions. Corruption can be minor or severe. Corruptions occur due to various hardware and software reasons which include abrupt system shutdown, software malfunction, virus attacks, formatted conversion, hardware failure and broken links while downloading. You can manually recover data from your corrupt Excel file. The inbuilt Open and Repair tool of MS Excel allows you to repair Excel files and recover your lost data which was inaccessible. You can follow the steps given below to repair corrupted Excel File:

  • Open MS Excel application
  • Click on file menu and click open
  • Select your file from system directory
  • Click on the small arrow at the right of open button
  • Select open and repair option

You can also manually repair your damaged PPT file, visit this for solution:
Data Recovery from Corrupt PPT File

The other manual solution to recover data form corrupted Excel file is to open that specified file in some other application such as MS Word, WordPad and OpenOffice Calc. You can retrieve your data by opening Excel file in OpenOffice Calc application. OpenOffice Calc is an application similar to MS Excel.

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The above manual solutions are optimal to repair Excel files if they have minor corruptions. The severely corrupted file becomes inaccessible and you cannot retrieve data form it unless you make use of third party software. Use of third party tool is recommended if corruption is severe as you cannot afford to lose data.

SysInfoTools MS Excel XLSX Recovery tool is a preferred third party tool to repair corrupt Excel files. This tool supports recovery of files created using all MS Excel versions, i.e. 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000. You can try its free demo version to evaluate the performance of the software.


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