ms access password recovery

How to Recover Access Database Password?

Microsoft Access is a database management system from Microsoft which combines database engine with software applications and graphical-user interface. Data in MS Access is stored in Access Jet Database Engine. Microsoft Access is widely used by software developers to develop application software. Visual Basic for applications supports MS Access. Visual Basic is an object-oriented programming language that refers to a number of objects such as, ActiveX Data Objects, ActiveX components and Data Access Objects (DAO).

MS Access can also be used as a “front-end” by connecting with different applications as “back-end” which include Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, etc. Applications such as Visual Studio .NET and Visual Basic uses MS Access database format to develop its queries and tables. Tables in MS Access support various indices, referential integrity and standard field types. MS Access includes forms to enter data and display, reports for printing and query interface. Jet database in MS Access is a multiuser-aware which handles record-locking. Technologies such as OLE DB or ODBC can access Microsoft Jet Database Engine. The first version of MS Access is Access 1.1 and the later versions include Access 2.0, Windows 95, 97, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and the latest version of MS Access is Access 2013.

MS Access was developed to access data from any source. You can create queries, tables, reports, forms and can also connect it with macros. It also provide import and export facility of data to many formats such as SQL Server, ODBC, dBase, Excel, Outlook, etc. By using Access 2013, you can publish web solutions of Access on SharePoint 2013. One of the striking features of MS Access is its Split Database Architecture. It can divide a single database into two files, i.e. back-end file and front-end file. Back-end file contains tables which are shared on file server and front-end file contains objects of applications which include macros, queries, forms, reports and modules. The front-end application of Access is distributed to every users system and it is linked to a shared database.

Password Protection is one of the important features of MS Access. It is very important to secure all your data files. An MDB file contains confidential data of an organization or an individual. You can secure your data by using password. It doesn’t allow unauthorized user to access your database file. Your MDB files may become inaccessible if you forget or lose the password. You should note down the password because losing it can lead to a very critical situation.

If you have lost the password, then the last resort is to use a third party tool to recover password of MS Access application. Non-technical users also can easily use this software. It helps you to recover your password quickly within seconds.

Access Password Recovery software is an efficient tool developed to recover your lost or forgotten password. It can recover password of any length and can also recover multi-encoding passwords such as Unicode, ANSI, alphanumeric and multilingual. It also provides the feature of password recovery of both encrypted and non-encrypted database files. You can try its free demo version by visiting its website.


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