How to Convert DBX to PST format?

About Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook –

Configured with Internet Explorer 5.x and 4.x, Outlook Express is an e-mail messaging platform included with Windows Millennium Edition OS, Windows 98 OS, Office 98 for Mac, and Windows 2000 OS. Outlook Express is specifically designed for home users who connect mail account through Internet Service Provider. Outlook Express is built on open Internet standards and can be used with any of it including IMAP, POP3 and SMTP. By the help of OE’s new migration tool, all its mail settings, mails, rules and address book can be effortlessly exported to Outlook, Exchange Server, Netscape, and Windows Inbox. DBX file of an Outlook Express account is its Database Exchange file.

Microsoft Outlook is a component from Microsoft Office suite which works as an e-mail messaging and collaboration client. It is also known as personal information manager. It also manages tasks, contacts, calendar, notes, journals and many more. Files in MS Outlook are stored in PST format. It has been designed with robust rules which manages the Inbox folder well and also allows integration of multiple mail accounts. Outlook also offers same functionalities of Import/Export as provided by OE’s migration tools.

Select best E-mail Client According to Your Needs –

Just for an overview, below I have typed some basic situations on which selecting e-mail client (Outlook and Outlook Express) depends:

MS Outlook – if you require managing integrated personal folders, contact and task management, calendars, etc., if you use Office suite and want to use its feature of integration with MS Exchange Server.

Outlook Express – if you need to use Office 98 for Mac and want to integrate with Outlook Express, if your basic requirements are email messaging and newsgroup functionalities.

Sometimes you may need to open your DBX file in MS Outlook. As MS Outlook opens only PST files so you cannot open DBX file in MS Outlook without converting it into PST format. There are various reasons to convert such as, save DBX file from corruption, you have changed the messaging platform, and if Outlook Express is not installed in your system. But before converting you need to install Windows Live Mail. It is by default installed in Windows Vista but in Windows 7 and 8 you need to download and install Windows Live Mail.

Steps to import Outlook Express files to Windows Live Mail –

Locate the address of the Outlook Express folder that you need to convert. E.g.: C:\DocumentsandSettings\user_name\LocalSettings\ApplicationData\Identities\<identitynumber>\Microsoft\Outlook Express

  1. Open Windows Live Mail application.
  2. Click on File>Import>Messages
  3. Select Microsoft Outlook Express 6 and then click on Next
  4. Select “Import mail from an OE6 store directory” box.
  5. Click on Browse and locate the Outlook folder which you have copied
  6. Click Select Folder and then click on Next
  7. Select folders you want to import
  8. Click Finish.

You have successfully completed the process of importing DBX file to Windows Live Mail. Now, you need to follow below steps to export imported file to Microsoft Outlook:

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook application and Windows Live Mail
  2. Go to Windows Live Mail application and click on File>Export and then select email messages.
  3. Select Microsoft Exchange as format and then click on Next
  4. Now you will receive a message “all email will be exported to Microsoft Outlook” and click on OK
  5. You can now export all the selected folders by Select folders option
  6. After selecting folders, click OK
  7. Export process will start.
  8. After completion, a dialog box will appear on your screen. Click Finish.

The above manual process is time-consuming and little lengthy. You can use a third-party tool if this above manual process fails to work. DBX to PST Converter tool allows you to convert DBX file to various formats including PST, RTF, HTML, MSG and EML.

To use Outlook Express as messaging client to send and receive e-mail messages, set up account by entering all the details related to mail account settings. Users who access same computer can have separate account for each person or a single user can also have more than one account, each for different purposes such as email messaging, official mail, business, etc. Outlook Express works smoothly.

Now you know how to convert DBX to PST but what would you do if your Outlook Express files becomes corrupt. Knowing how to run Outlook Express Repair process will help you to recover inaccessible DBX files.

While migrating from Outlook Express to MS Outlook, users also need transfer all the mail account settings. How to get OE mail account settings in Outlook? –

  1. Open MS Outlook and navigate to File -> Import and Export -> Import Internet Mail Account Settings -> Next.
  2. Select Microsoft Outlook Express from the options and Next
  3. Check the displayed name if it is correct and go to Next
  4. Check the e-mail address if it is correct and go to Next
  5. Check whether incoming and outgoing e-mail servers are correct and go to Next
  6. Check account name and enter the password in the corresponding box, and go to Next. Select Log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA) check box if using MSN 2.5 V POP mail.
  7. Choose the option to connect to the internet and go to Next.
  8. Finish importing account settings.

When finished with successful completion of importing OE mail account settings, you may now proceed with the steps to transfer OE messages, rules and address book to MS Outlook application –

  1. Open Outlook and navigate to File -> Import and Export -> Import Internet Mail and Addresses – > Next
  2. Choose any one of these options corresponding to the Outlook version which you are using
    • Outlook 2002 – Outlook Express 4.x, 5
    • Outlook 2003 – Outlook Express 6.x,5.x, 4.x
    • Outlook 2007 – Windows Mail or Outlook Express 6.x, 5.x, 4.x
  3. Select these check boxes – Import Mail, Import Rules and Import Address Book and go to Next (For Outlook 2007 users, you cannot import rules as its rules subset has been extended).
  4. Choose Personal Address Book or Outlook Contacts Folder to import data files. Outlook 2003/2007 users can only import in Outlook Contacts Folder.
  5. Appropriately select how to handle duplicate items during transfer. Click on Finish.
Other important email file conversion includes importing offline Server files to MS Outlook, i.e. OST to PST conversion. In my this blog, I have explained many manual procedures to get OST files in Outlook without opting OST to PST Converter.

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