password protect pdf

How to Lock and Unlock PDF File?

Adobe Systems developed PDF (Portable Document Format) which is used to represent documents independent of operating system, application software’s and hardware. It includes all the description of a flat document, fonts, graphics, text and other data. A PDF file consist of objects which include numbers, strings, names, arrays, Boolean values, streams, dictionaries and null object.

Security feature in PDF is provided in the form of password. It helps protecting the document from unauthorized users. Unauthorized user cannot modify copy or edit anyone’s personal document. There are various security restrictions such as unauthorized user cannot extract the page, cannot edit the content of the file, cannot print the file, cannot copy the content of the file and it also prevent document from unwanted commenting. All these restrictions can be applied to PDF document only by using Adobe Acrobat software.

Sometimes there is an urgent need to open a password protected PDF document and you are not its authorized user. You cannot modify, edit, copy or print the content of the file if the document is password protected.

You can secure your PDF document and also remove securities from PDF document by using Adobe Acrobat software. But for that you need to have full version of Adobe Acrobat software installed in your system. If you do not have full version software of Adobe Acrobat, then you can try using third-party software. It is very easy to use. There are many third-party tools available in the market when you search on goggle.

PDF Protect and Unprotect software is a powerful software to protect your PDF document as well as it can unprotect your PDF document. It restricts unauthorized user to access your PDF document by applying securities and it also removes securities from your secured PDF document. You can try its free demo version.


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