BKF file recovery

How to Restore Backup File of SQL Database (BKF File) ?

Back up copy aka BKF/BAK document is created to save your original documents as a measure to keep your data safe. Backup file can be created by using NT-Backup Exec and Symantec (VERITAS ) Backup Exec. NT-Backup is an inbuilt backup tool which is included in Windows operating system such as Windows 2000, Server 2003 and XP. Windows Backup and Restore replaced NT-Backup utility in Windows Vista and later version. Backup is last option from where you can restore original data files in case if it becomes inaccessible. Situation becomes worse when you are unable to restore back up file.

BKF files can get damaged due to erroneous data transmission through unreliable interfaces. Another reason why corruption occurs in backup is sometimes its large file size. Backup files are immune to corruption and can easily get corrupted. If you try to restore corrupted BKF file using NT-Backup utility, you may get an error message such as: “Unrecognized Media” or “The Backup file is Unusable”. There is no such manual way by which you can fix errors in BKF file or restore data from corrupted BKF file. There is only one solution to gain your original data back and i.e. third-party recovery tool.

Various licensed third-party software are available over internet. Major concern while opting recovery tool is to choose efficient third-party recovery software because it involves your money. The areas which involve concern while choosing a good third-party recovery software are: cost, level of recovery, features and reliability.

Before purchasing licensed version of third-party recovery software, you should download, install and run its demo version. Installing and running trial version in your system does not cost even a single buck. You can install demo version on your system as it a freeware. When it runs recovery process, it will show you the view of recovered data. If the recovered data is relevant according to you, then you only you must purchase its licensed version. Purchasing licensed version is necessary because there is no option of saving the recovered data in demo version. I recommend you to use Backup Exec BKF Repair Pro software as it has many powerful features built in it, they are:

  • Perform recovery of multiple BKF files simultaneously
  • It also recovers SQL database file from corrupted BKF file
  • Can handle minor as well as severe corruption
  • It also recovers compressed BKF file
  • Preview the recovered data by running demo version.

Striking feature of above mentioned software is that it restores damaged back up copy of SQL Server database. Restoring backup copy of SQL database file lies in the array of difficult tasks but “BKF repair pro” makes it very simple by its exceptional features. Batch processing function in BKF repair utility treats more than one file simultaneously ans thus, saves your time and effort.


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