repair DBF file

How to Repair DBF File?

dBase files are stored in DBF file format; these files are used in dBase II, dBase III and dBase IV. You can also use MS Excel and MS Access to open DBF files. dBase is a database management system which includes programming language, database engine, query system and forms engine. dBase serves as an IDE which has JIT (Just-in-Time) compiler, command window, virtual machine interpreter, preprocessor, linker to create dBase applications and GUI design tools. Tools which are included in GUI designing are menu designer, form designer, label designer, report designer, table designer and SQL Query designer. All these features of dBase make it compatible with MS Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.

DBF file is prone to corruption and sometimes it may get corrupted due to various reasons such as software malfunction, hard disk failure, power failure, malfunction in database application, virus infection, abrupt cancellation of DBF file and software or hardware errors. While opening a corrupt DBF file, the application may give you error message. The DBF file becomes in accessible and you can access corrupted DBF file only if you repair DBF file. The error messages include: “Filename.dbf has become corrupted”, “Filename.dbf doesn’t exist”, “Corrupt index/table header”, “Access to table is disabled due to previous error” and “Database file appears corrupt: Page is of wrong type”.

You may also refer to corrupt SQL database recovery process.

Creating backup of DBF file is the only thing you can do to save your DBF file. If at any point of time, your DBF files get corrupted or damaged then you can restore it with the help of backup file of original DBF file. The problem arises when your DBF files get corrupted and you don’t have backup of the original file. In such situation, using third party DBF recovery program is the only way to restore data from corrupted DBF file as there is no manual way to repair DBF file.

Third party recovery program not only recover data from corrupt DBF file but also gives you the option to save the recovered data in MDB format. Such a powerful program is DBF Recovery program from SysInfoTools. DBF Recovery program is compatible with all the database application software which include Visual FoxPro, dBase III, dBase IV, dBase V, dBXL, CodeBase, Arago, MultiBase and Clipper.

DBF Recovery tool from SysInfoTools provides you with the best solution that successfully repairs DBF file. It also provides the feature to import schema from old DBF file, repairs header and data structure. Trial version is available at its website so that you can examine the performance of the program.


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