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How to use Office Repair Tool of Microsoft Office 2007?

You must be encountered with situation where your Microsoft Office application gets locked or crashed. The two components due to which Office application gives error are MS Access and MS Outlook. It is a complete waste of time when your MS Office application gets crashed and you run whole uninstall/install process all over again.

Solution to cope up with this problem is provided in MS Office 2007. Diagnostic utility of MS Office 2007 helps you to diagnose and repair errors which are related to Office application. Office Repair tool also checks application compatibility, memory, updated service packs, hard drive, event log, Analysis and Reporting technology (SMART) and self-monitoring technology.

Steps for executing Diagnostic utility

  • Go to start > Programs > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Office Tools > Microsoft Office Diagnostics
  • Microsoft Office Diagnostics window wizard will be opened, then click on Continue button
  • Click on Run Diagnostics and when the process will be completed, click on Continue
  • Finally, detailed report of repairing application will be shown to you. Click on “Detailed Results” for additional information.

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