repair bkf files

Repair Highly Corrupted Backup Exec BKF File

For securing your important computer data, you should create backup of your file. Creating backup of your original data files does not lead to loss of data. Backup Exec file creates duplicate copies of original data files. Backup files are used when original files get corrupted and are no more accessible. NT-Backup.exe and Symantec Backup Exec (VERITAS) are two main programs which are used to create backup exec files. NT-Backup.exe is inbuilt in Microsoft Windows XP and in Windows 7 and 8, you need to download and install NT-Backup.exe. Symantec Backup Exec is a commercial-ware program from Symantec. This program is compatible with all Windows operating systems, SUSE Linux Enterprise server and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.  Symantec Backup Exec can also create backup file of SQL Server database and MS Exchange Server, whereas NT-Backup.exe can create backup file of only MS Exchange Server.

Files created using Windows NT Backup program can also get corrupted: How to handle Corruptions from Windows Backup File?

The problem with backup exec file is it can get corrupted. BAK or BKF file can get corrupted due to reasons such as abrupt system shutdown, interruption in backing process, virus infections, storage media failure, CRC error, software or hardware malfunctions, etc. BAK file contains catalog file. Catalog files store file information which includes file name, date and time, location, size, etc. Missing of catalog file makes the BKF file inaccessible or corrupt. Possible errors are –

backup file contains unrecognized data and cannot be used,
backup exec 11de000fe36- corrupt data encountered,
CRC failed

Use of third party recovery software is recommended to restore data from corrupt BKF file because there is no freeware utility or manual solution to repair BKF/BAK files. There are number of programs available with their free demo version and non-technical uses can also easily execute these programs. SysInfoTools provides various recovery tools to recover data from corrupted file of different file format. It has also designed programs for recovering BKF file.

Extremely corrupted backup copy created using Symantec Backup Exec (VERITAS Backup Exec) and NT-Backup.exe can be restored through Backup Exec BKF repair software. It recovers BKF file which are in compressed format and also can split BKF file into multiple parts. It scans the corrupt file and recovers data from it. You can save the whole recovery process as a text file by clicking on “Log”. Recovery process operates in two modes: Standard and Advanced mode.

You can see the preview of recovered data through demo version of this software which is a free application. To download the demo version you can visit and can get more detailed description on this program.


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