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Microsoft Outlook is a component from Microsoft Office Suite. Microsoft’s Outlook Application is not only for Windows platform, but also for MAC machine. Outlook for Mac stores OLM files and Outlook for Windows stores PST files. You cannot open your OLM file in any Windows Outlook. You can open only PST files in Windows Outlook. You can convert OLM file to PST file format. There is a need to convert OLM files to PST as there are several advantages of Windows over Mac. You might migrate your mail files and other files from Mac to Windows System.

Advantages of using Windows System over Mac are:

  • Optimizes desktop and shortcuts – Windows have easy and better shortcuts than Mac.
  • Cost effective – MacBook configured system of Apple is too costly as compared to Windows configured system.
  • Flexible and Reliable – You need technical experts to learn about MacBook and its applications. They can get crashed easily unlike Windows system.
  • Incomparable Hardware and Software range – Applications in Mac are assembled with its hardware whereas in Windows system there is facility to add/remove hardware of your choice. There are number of freeware applications that work easily on Windows system but not on Mac.

Microsoft does not allow exporting Mac Outlook (OLM) files to windows Outlook directly. So for that reason, you need to execute the work given below. The working starts with creating an IMAP mail account to transfer or convert OLM file to PST file.

It is very simple to create IMAP mail account. You can use your Gmail account to create an IMAP mail account.

Other than converting OLM files to PST, Mac Mails can also be transferred to MS Outlook with the help of Eudora (Windows). Get the manual step-wise process from here – Import Apple Mails into MS Outlook

Step 1: Login to your Gmail account and follow these steps –

  1. Click gear button (on top rightmost)
  2. List will open, then click on Settings
  3. Click on forwarding and POP/IMAP on top
  4. Check IMAP status. Enable it and click Save changes
  5. You have now created your IMAP account

Step 2: Configure Outlook for Mac with IMAP mail client –

  1. Open Mac Outlook
  2. Navigate to Tools and click Accounts
  3. Click on E-mail and enter your account information (IMAP) based).
  4. Then, click on Add Account
  5. IMAP account will be added and it will be visible under Mail tab.

Step 3: Construct Gmail label and synchronize with Mac Outlook –

  1. Login to Gmail account
  2. Click gear button (rightmost top)
  3. List will be opened, click Settings > Labels
  4. Click create new label (select “show in IMAP” check-box)
  5. Now, go to Mac Outlook application and click on send/receive to update IMAP mailbox

Step 4: Move E-mail from Mac Outlook -> IMAP mailbox -> Windows Outlook

  1. Open Mac Outlook
  2. Click right on the selected item that you want to move and select move and then select copy to folder
  3. Type name of IMAP folder and then click copy
  4. Click on send/receive button to update Mac Outlook or update it by refreshing the folder on Gmail. You will now see other data successfully synchronized to IMAP mailbox.
  5. Setup IMAP mail client in Windows Outlook similarly as IMAP mail at Mac Outlook (refer above steps).
  6. Now move e-mail from IMAP mailbox to Inbox folder in Windows Outlook.

Above procedure converts OLM to PST files. It is little time consuming and includes lots of step. Corrupt Mac Outlook (OLM) files cannot be imported into Windows Outlook with the help of this process. For converting such file, it should be first repaired and data should be recovered from repaired OLM file. Question is How to recover OLM file? OLM to PST Converter is specially designed by using advanced algorithms that repairs corrupt OLM file and it also –

Convert OLM to PST (Windows Outlook)

Convert OLM to MBOX (Apple Mail)

Convert OLM to EML

Convert OLM to MSG

OLM to PST Converter converts normal as well as inaccessible Mac Outlook mail file to Windows Outlook by creating new PST file. It saves the converted data items in new PST file.

To increase your knowledge on how to transfer email messages from Windows system to Macintosh system, Windows Outlook PST file can be exported to Mac Outlook (OLM file). Very easy to transfer these personal folders –

  1. In Mac Outlook, extend File tab and select Import. Select Outlook Data File and click right arrow.
  2. Select Outlook for Windows Data File and again click right arrow.
  3. Browse the personal folder which you require to transfer and select Import option.
  4. After the files are transferred, click on Done.
  5. You can now check imported data files under On My Computer tab.

Only Unicode-PST files can be imported in Outlook for Mac as it follows the standard format for PST (personal folder) for Windows Outlook 2003 and its later versions. Standard format for saving personal folders (PST) in Windows Outlook 97-2002 is ANSI-based PST. ANSI files cannot be imported in Mac Outlook.

Though ANSI PST cannot be imported into Mac Outlook directly, converting ANSI to Unicode PST will fix the issue. Note How to Convert ANSI PST to Unicode and then export Unicode PST file to Mac Outlook. 

Error message may pop-up when transferring PST file to Outlook for Mac 2011. Some common errors are –

“Outlook has encountered a problem and needs to close.”

“Outlook may crash. Files might transfer successfully but Outlook application may crash on startup.”

Note: To fix these errors, install latest Office for Mac update in your computer.

What to do if PST files were exported but Outlook crashed on startup? Press Shift key + click Outlook icon. Click on Outlook => Turn off Office reminders.

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