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Know About Windows Address Book Recovery

Windows Address Book is Microsoft Windows’ component which is used by Outlook Express. It stores a list of contacts which can be shared among users. This application consists of an interface and a local database through which user can find and edit contact information. WAB can be used by other applications also; MS Outlook makes use of PST and it can also import contacts from .wab file.

Features of WAB

  • Stores contacts such as name, phone number and mail address
  • Contacts from received email are added automatically
  • WAB API also works with other applications and can extend functionalities
  • It can export and import cards to and from CSV file format
  • It is integrated with Outlook Express

Corruption & its Causes

When you open MS Outlook Express application on your system, you may get error message such as: Unable to open Address Book or Address Book failed to load, Outlook Express is not configured correctly on your system. These error messages can occur if the WAB file gets damaged or corrupted due to virus attack and other hardware and software malfunctions. The other reasons include: the registry values and the WAB files are set incorrectly, filename.wab file is damaged and if WAB shares the contacts from .pst file used by Outlook 98 or 2000 in IMO configuration and .pst file is moved.

Manual way to Restore WAB Files in MS Outlook Express

  1. Open MS Outlook Express application on your system
  2. Click on File and then click on Import
  3. Select Text File and click on Import
  4. Click on Browse and then select Mail Backup
  5. Select AddressBookBackup.csv and then click on Open
  6. Click on Next > Finish > OK and close application

This manual solution is helpful only if you have the backup of your WAB file. If you have backed up your WAB file, then you can restore it in Outlook Express. But you cannot restore WAB file if there is no backup. In this case, you need to use third-party recovery software to restore data from corrupted WAB file.

You can fix high level corruption by using WAB file recovery software. It allows you to fix corruption and restore your file in two modes: Standard mode and Advanced mode. You can save recovered data in VCF file format. To check its reliability, you can run its demo version which is a freeware.

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