Import PST to Lotus Notes: Convert PST to NSF

Microsoft Outlook and IBM Notes

There are ample numbers of choices when it comes to host an email account. Selecting email client depends upon one’s choice of accessibility and flexibility features. Two popular email clients are Microsoft Outlook and IBM Notes. Both the email clients are commonly used in organizations but differ in the functionalities related to different areas –

File Storage

IBM Lotus Notes stores data in NSF file while MS Outlook stores all the email messages and other information in PST file.


Installing MS Outlook requires no extra cost, it comes within the Microsoft Office Suite. You just have to install some applications for setting an email account. IBM Notes is quite expensive in terms of installation as well as maintenance. You require Lotus application to use Notes and to host emails.


Outlook is hosted by Microsoft while Lotus Notes is hosted by IBM Domino (main server).

Platform Compatibility

Lotus Notes is more compatible as compared to Outlook. Outlook is compatible only with Windows of 64 bits and Notes is compatible with Linux and supports Z and i5 O.S.

convert pst to nsf

IBM Lotus Notes includes excellent mail tracking features. By selecting “display original message” and “reply only” while composing email reply, Notes’ “conversations” feature save space and you can easily find message in Notes Mail.

When it comes to security, you can easily rely on Lotus Notes. You can add code to email to restrict the accessibility. MS Outlook does not allow mail encryption. Due to enhanced features in Lotus Notes, users might migrate from Outlook to Lotus Notes. But this migration also requires change in the file format from PST to NSF. You can perform this conversion with the help of migration tool.

While installing the IBM Lotus Notes, option to install the Migration tools should be selected. If not selected, you will have to run the installation again. So, make sure that it is selected.

  • After migration tool is installed, open command prompt – Start -> Run -> type CMD
  • Type command:  drive:\Program Files\IBM\Lotus\Notes and press Enter
  • Type command: Nupgrade 3 and press Enter

After executing the above commands, follow the instructions to convert Outlook data into NSF format.

IBM has provided this migration tool to convert PST files into Lotus Notes. The above solution does not work if Outlook email files are corrupted. Another recommended solution to first recover PST files and then convert them into NSF format is PST to NSF Converter. This software is provided by SysInfoTools with its free trial version. Free trial version can be run to examine the software and its output.

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